Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront was released on 17

A new patch for the PC version of Stat Wars Battlefront has been released and its developer EA DICE has revealed the patch notes, which follow the new Battle of Jakku DLC unveiled earlier this month.

The new PC patch will help better the Star Wars Battlefront by rolling out different kinds of fixes to issues like two players spawning in damage area not matching the visual lava. The update will also see changes being brought to AT-ATs, Heroes and weapons.

It will be adding Dolby Atmos support and will see an increase in the health of AT-AT on Endor in the Walker Assault mode. Other changes and tweaks include removing the auto-lock on Boba Fett's missile and reduction of the impact damage for grenade.

The developer noted on its Forums post that PS4 and Xbox One users will get the update on 14 December, though the specific time has not been revealed yet.

Below are the full patch notes for Star Wars Battlefront PC update (Forums):

Miscellaneous Updates and Tweaks:

  • Added Dolby Atmos support for PC players
  • Fixed an issue where one out of 12 players remained in the loading screen on Swamp Crashsite, Sorosuub Centroplex, and Graveyard of Giants in Heroes vs. Villains and Walker Assault multiplayer modes
  • Fixed an issue where two players would spawn in a damage area that doesn't match visual lava

Walker Assault Updates and Tweaks:

  • Increased AT-AT health on Endor

Hero Updates and Tweaks:

  • Removed auto-lock on Boba Fett´s missile.

Weapons, Gadgets and Star Cards Tweaks:

  • Tweaked impact damage for Impact grenade from 100 to 90

PS4 owners get free online multiplayer

PS4 owners are getting Star Wars Battlefront's recently-released Battle of Jakku DLC multiplayer as part of its free online multiplayer weekend. This event starts on 11 December and will last until 13 December. Interested ones can log into PlayStation Network and launch the game and access the game's multiplayer with their friends.

Meanwhile, PlayStation blog announced that Star Wars Battlefront was the third best-seller among PS4 games.

In other news, GameStop is selling Star Wars Battlefront with a 33% off on all platforms.

  • Star Wars Battlefront (Origin, PS4, Xbox One) — $39.99 (listed price $60)
  • Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition (PS4, Xbox One) — $49.99 (listed price $70)