The year 2015 was perhaps one of the most memorable in the history of Hollywood, when a number of epic movies hit the big screen around the globe and shattered all records.

However, it was also a year of online leaks and piracy, with some of the most prominent and anticipated films leaked online. The screeners of the movies purposed for critics and award shows have been leaking throughout the year, the most recent of which was the leaking of movies like "The Hateful Eight" and "Joy". As The Movie Network has mentioned, at least 40 other movies in the list of Academy Award nominees have been leaked.

The website reported that one of the most downloaded leaked movies of 2015 was Leonardo DiCapriostarrer "The Revenant", downloaded more than 300,000 times within 24 hours of the leak.

The leaks are not limited to the big screen. Earlier this year, the pilot episode of "Supergirl" leaked online, stunning critics and fans alike. However, those who have no problem with piracy were of course more than happy.

However, there is a major difference between movies and TV series. While movie studios know the audience will sit and watch the movie in theatres, TV studios have realised that no one these days has enough time to watch a show online. Hence, they are already backed with several sponsors and advertisements. That is why TV show leaks are not as devastating as the movie ones.

According to the website, the other possible leaks of this year include "Point Break", "Concussion", "Daddy's Home" and "Star Wars: The Force Awakens".

The website says "The Force Awakens" has found its way online, but given the fandom and its position at the top of box office charts, teh film's business is unlikely to be affected.

Christmas weekend is considered the biggest box office weekend in United States. However, with so many movies accessible on torrent websites, there is a significant possibility that the box office might suffer due to it.