Hollywood celebrities pay tribute to Anton Yelchin
Hollywood celebrities pay tribute to Anton YelchinStar Trek

Anton Yelchin, who was best known for portraying the character of Pavel Chekov in "Star Trek" reboot series, died in a "freak" car accident on June 19.

The 27-year-old actor was found by friends pinned between his car and the iron security gate of his Studio City, California home. The exact details of his death are not yet revealed.

Besides "Star Trek" movies, Yelchin was also known for his role in movies like "Terminator Salvation" (2009), "Charlie Bartlett" (2007) and "Fright Night" (2011). He will appear as Chekov in "Star Trek Beyond" posthumously.

Several celebrities took it to their Twitter and Instagram accounts to pay tribute to the young actor including his fellow Star Trek co-stars John Cho and Zachary Quinto. Other prominent actors like Tom Hiddleston and Chris evans also mourned his death.