Stand Up Therapeutics

South Korean-based Stand Up Therapeutics Co., Ltd. provides gene therapy for those with paralysis due to spinal cord injuries. To produce a GMP-grade gene delivery system, Stand Up Therapeutics stated that it has inked a contract with VectorBuilder Inc., a leader in gene delivery technologies.

The leading provider of custom vectors for viral and non-viral gene delivery, VectorBuilder is a global firm with offices across North America, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, and Israel. Its headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois, USA. For many researchers worldwide, more than 80,000 bespoke vectors are currently created each year. With GMP facilities for gene delivery systems, VectorBuilder provides gene therapy products and delivery systems to more than 50,000 clients worldwide, including all of the top pharma firms and prestigious universities. We provide delivery systems and gene therapy items.

As a result of this collaboration, Stand Up Therapeutics claims that VectorBuilder will eventually create and provide gene therapy products with its designs. The goal is to control the global market.
Bruce Lahn, the chief scientist at VectorBuilder, stated that the company is "very intrigued" by Stand Up Therapeutics' gene therapy for the global cure of paralysis. I believe that providing this product to Stand Up for patients around the world would be an excellent opportunity for VectorBuilder, a global leader in the design and GMP manufacturing of gene delivery vectors.

"Stand Up Therapeutics is the only company in the world that has the technology to treat paralysed patients as a result of spinal cord damage using its own developed direct lineage reprogramming technology," said Dr. Junsang Yoo, CEO of Stand Up Therapeutics (STUP-001). Members of Stand Up Therapeutics are working tirelessly to develop a solution for people who have paralysis as a result of trauma. Additionally, "Stand Up Therapeutics hopes to develop treatments for Parkinson's disease (STUP-002), stroke (STUP-003), spinal stenosis (STUP-004), and myocardial infarction (STUP-005) in the future with the direct cross-differentiation PIPELINE technology."

In the first quarter of 2023, four paraplegia patients will participate in an IIT Clinical phase I/IIa research for the spinal cord injury (SCI) gene therapy treatment STUP-001.

With regards to Stand Up Therapeutics Co., Ltd.

A startup called Stand Up Therapeutics Co., Ltd. creates gene therapies for the regeneration of nerve cells by using cutting-edge technologies to transform fibroblasts into motor neurons in vivo. Stand Up Therapeutics' objective is to heal mild and severe paralysed patients, who make up around 1.9% of the world's population, who have suffered from spinal cord and brain injuries using the direct lineage reprogramming technique. The pipeline will be expanded by Stand Up Therapeutics through the development of safer and more effective direct reprogramming techniques as well as gene therapy.