"Baahubali" director SS Rajamouli has urged the government of Andhra Pradesh (AP) to make the film "Rudhramadevi" tax free. His appeal comes after the Telangana govt exempted the film from entertainment tax.

"Rudhramadevi" is a period drama film written and directed by Gunasekhar. The movie is inspired by the life of Rudrama Devi,  one of the prominent rulers of the Kakatiya dynasty in the Deccan plateau. Rudrama was one of the few ruling queens in the history of India. The movie, which sings the bravery of the queen, is the pride of the Telugu people.

Besides direction and scripting, Gunasekhar has also produced "Rudhramadevi" with Raagini Guna under his home banner Gunaa Team Works. The filmmaker has spent a hefty sum on the making of the film. It has been in production for over two years. Its releasewas postponed several times due to delays in the technical works.

"Rudhramadevi" has been made with a whopping cost of Rs 80 crore, the second highest budget for a Telugu film after "Baahubali". The film has a huge amount of special effects. Gunasekhar wanted theVFX work in the film to equal Hollywood standards. He was unwilling to compromise on this and so he reportedly faced financial problems at several stages.

SS Rajamouli, one of passionate filmmakers in the Telugu film industry, is aware of the hardships undergone by Gunasekhar during the production of "Rudhramadevi". He was glad when it was announced that the film would be tax exempt. Soon after he heard the news, the director took to his Twitter page to appeal to the AP government to make it tax free.

SS Rajamouli tweeted, "Just heard that #Rudhramadevi has been made tax free in Telangana. Fantastic news for Gunasekhar garu who has been swimming against the current for such a long time to bring this epic to film. Rudramadevi is a queen for all Telugu land. I think even the govt of AP should and will exempt this film from tax. All the best to everyone involved in Rudramadevi."