Nobody knows how long we're going to be under lockdown, especially since we've just been told it's going to be extended till early May. The country is gearing up for round two in India's fight against coronavirus. We're in this for the long haul, although some have it easier than others.

If you're getting bored in your house, the same four walls, and furniture, then we're here for a short escape without you having to leave your home. The home sweet home may apply to the majority, but let's admit some homes are sweeter than others. The celebrities are in the same boat as us, getting through the lockdown one day at a time, except their boat is bigger and better than ours.

Bollywood celebrities

Celebrities' lockdown luxury homes

Bollywood celebrities are known to live their lives in luxury. In fact, when tourists visit Mumbai they take a tour just to see celebrity residences. The lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic has been tough on the entire population of the country, where many are looking at uncertain futures. Bollywood celebrities have been going out of their way to help in any way they can. 

Celebrities are contributing financially, taking responsibility, spreading awareness, sharing relatable experiences and are engaging their fans. Still, there's no denying their situation is moderately better than the general public's. 

Who would be sad to be under lockdown if they had enough spaces and resources? They've been telling us to stay fit and work out, with their personal trainers staying with them and their in-home gyms. They're baking and cooking lavish meals as the general public rations and many are trying to economise using up groceries. It's just their life and that shouldn't bother us, neither does it take away from their contribution, or their struggles and good hearts.

Here are some stars who've really turned out to have all the comfort during the lockdown:

1. Shah Rukh Khan and his family under lockdown at Mannat

Mannat is Shah Rukh Khan's residence in Mumbai, his Bandra mansion has always been a talking point. Tourists and fans flock the residence on a daily basis hoping to catch a glimpse of the star. The house is known to be a sprawling bungalow with Italian architecture, housing all the amenities one could hope for including a boxing ring! The mansion is worth over INR 200 crores and took over 4 years for Guari Khan to decorate. 

2. Amitabh Bachchan and family at Jalsa

Another Bollywood favourite is Amitabh Bachchan's Jalsa residence in Juhu is also flocked by fans. Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan also stay at the house with daughter Aradhya. The mansion is decorated with baroque-style pieces and chandeliers and is valued at over 120 crores.

3. Salman Khan at his Panvel farmhouse

Salman Khan who resides in Galaxy Apartments retreated to his Panvel farmhouse to practice social distancing. The farmhouse which is sprawled across 150 acres of land and boasts of a pool, in-house gym and an area for farm animals is named after his sister Arpita. The actor has often hosted parties at the house. The food served at the farmhouse also comes from produce harvested from the land. That's called holistic living.

4. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas at their LA residence

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, are staying at their new LA residence in California. The couple had spent over $20 million on the mansion located in Encino. Priyanka who has been proactive in spreading awareness around Coronavirus and even appeared in the recent short film, 'Family' is spending time in her luxurious mansion with her husband Nick Jonas and her pets. What more could one want? 

5. Kangana Ranaut in her Manali home

Kangana Ranaut's Manali home, in Himachal Pradesh, is the perfect quarantine retreat located in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. The house which is 2000m above sea-level has been built in a grand way with 7 bedrooms across 7600 sq.ft. Surely, this house can make anybody wish they owned it. 

Talk about the right setting for a lockdown.