Actors Neethu and Srinagar Kitty
Actors Neethu and Srinagar KittyFacebook-Neethu & Kitty

Kannada actors Srinagar Kitty and Neethu have confirmed that they are part of the upcoming movie "Ring Road Shubha." This movie which is being directed by Priya Belliappa is said to have only women in the crew.

There has been a buzz around this movie that it is based on an actual murder incident. Now, it is believed that the murder story is not central part of the movie, but it is focused on the investigating officer of the murder, according to The Times of India. The officer's role will played by Duniya Vijay.

Actress Neethu from "Gaalipata" fame is currently shooting for her scenes in the film. "When director Priya first called me, she asked me to play her in the movie. Once I came on the set, though, she said that I would be better suited to the role of the film's scriptwriter. I will be seen as this hep, bike-riding chick, apparently much like the person my character is based on. My character will be seen in the beginning and end of the film," Neethu was quoted as saying by TOI.

On the other side, Kitty does not want to reveal any details about his character in "Ring Road Shubha." "I was happy to be a part of the all-women team's film. I liked my part and that's why I chose to do it. Currently, I can't reveal much about my character. It will ruin the suspense," he told the daily.

Recently, actress Sanjjanaa too confirmed that she will be playing a part in this all-women flick. The actress has worked with Priya in an earlier movie when the latter was an associate. Sanjjanaa mentioned that she and Priya share a deep bond. "She is one of the most dynamic new-age filmmakers, and when she asked me to shoot for a few scenes in the film, I agreed without asking what the role was about," Sanjjanaa told TOI. Word is out that the actress will be seen in a cameo role playing herself.