Acting isn't an easy career to navigate one where you have to shed your inhibitions. Still, if you have the luck to come in contact with other actors who make your experience worthwhile, perhaps it works as good motivation. If it's someone like Sridevi, then you might be one of the luckiest out there. 

Hrithik Roshan began his career with the likes of Sridevi. Of course, he went on to become one of the best actors out there. In a post on Instagram, he once revealed how the actress had helped him ease his nerves, and was patient with him on the sets of the 1986 film, Bhagwan Dada. 

Sridevi and Hrithik Roshan

How Sridevi pretended to be nervous for Hrithik Roshan

Sridevi rules the screen and the hearts of her fans during her time. Whoever worked with the actress couldn't help recall the actress' finesse and grace. Hrithik Roshan too finds himself a member of the club that saw the actress for her supreme talent and graciousness.

Few actors have the ability to put another at ease. Sridevi was one of the few who wouldn't impose herself on her co-stars and intimidate them. When Hrithik Roshan appeared in Bhagwan Dada in 1986 he was only 12. In the film, he played a young adopted son of Rajinikanth's character Bhagwan Dada. While the film wasn't a huge success, for Hrithik Roshan it was one of his most memorable highlights from his acting career.

In a tribute to the actress after she passed away, the actor had shared a picture with her where the pair of them were seen laughing and wrote in his caption, "I loved her, admired her so much. My first ever acting shot was with Sridevi, I was nervous in front of her and I remember her shaking her hands pretending to be nervous 'cause of me, just to boost my confidence. We had to laugh, and she kept laughing until I got it right. Will miss you Ma'am." 

Nobody will forget Sridevi, and perhaps for the ones who knew her, even more so.