Thambi Ramaiah
Thambi Ramaiah speaks about Sri Reddy's issue.PR Handout

National Award-winning actor Thambi Ramaiah has spoken about the allegations mounted by Sri Reddy on a few big names of the Tamil film industry. He views the entire episode as an attempt to seek attention and calls it the "worst" tactic.

"Sri Reddy is not an actor. Take my case for instance, be it politics or in cinema, I won't let any bad thing happen to me. It's kind of attention seeking. After facing failure, this is a way to seek attention. It's the worst tactic," the actor said in a YouTube interview.

The 62-year-old feels pity for Sri Reddy's situation and the turmoil her parents might be going through now.

Thambi Ramaiah says that the actress could have avoided landing in such situations if the doors in the film industry were closed for her and found a better work than going through sufferings.

"It is very disheartening to know about Sri Reddy sharing bed with so many men. Using her weakness to satisfy one's lust is a bad thing. They will face the consequences if they have done something really wrong. But looking at Sri Reddy, the way she has been making a scene out of this in Andhra and then now in Tamil Nadu. She is providing fodder for the media. There is a lot more to do in life than this," he adds.

On asking about the allegations made on the big names of the film industry, Thambi Ramaiah says that he wants the issue to be settled in court.

"Sri Reddy is also not giving any evidence, she is threatening to give. The accused are also not clarifying their stance. It's creating a big ruckus," he says.

Thambi Ramaiah ends on the note that she wants the women to fight in a positive manner and not in a negative way. "I believe cine industry is safe for young women. There are cameras everywhere, no one can get away with such type of behaviour," he concludes.

Sri Reddy had made allegations on many Telugu celebrities and recently accused Tamil filmmaker AR Murugadoss, actor Srikanth and multifaceted filmmaker Raghava Lawrence of sexual exploitation.