Sri Reddy
Sri Reddy.PR Handout

Sri Reddy, who is planning to settle down in Chennai, has filed a complaint against director Varahi for making baseless allegations against her and calling her a "prostitute."

Tamil Media has reported that Sri Reddy met the Chennai Police Commissioner and lodged a complaint against the director. After filing the case, she asked whether AR Murugadoss, Srikanth and Raghava Lawrence or he has paid on behalf of them to call her a "prostitute." 

Varahi had recently said that Sri Reddy should be booked on charges of prostitution and trying to extort money from people by making allegations. "Sri Reddy has been operating in a way which causes shame, bad image not only to the Indian culture but also to the nation's womenfolk. She herself has accepted the fact that she slept with directors and actors for roles in movies," Indiaglitz quoted the director as saying.

Meanwhile, she has warned Varahi against making such allegations. On her Facebook page, she wrote, "If u take one step I wl take ten steps mr.varaki..mind it..if u irrespect any women I wl bang on ur balls. .respect every women onwards here and after mind ur language man, this word is belongs not only fr varaki,every film industry persons..if u r a big person also I nvr care..I am there for every Chennai nd telugu women..if I hear any abusive comment, I wl be the first person to slap you..I wl do help to every women who ever need my help till my last breath..[sic]"

Actress Sri Reddy recently created a storm in the Telugu film industry by accusing several celebrities of sexual exploitation. Reddy recently began targeting filmmakers in the Tamil movie industry. 

The former TV anchor has made sexual exploitation allegations on AR Murugadoss, Raghava Lawrence and Srikanth.