Ali Reza on Bigg Boss Telugu 3
Ali Reza on Bigg Boss Telugu 3Screenshot of Hotstar video

The Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 contestants are taking the game seriously after Ali Reza was eliminated. None of the housemates had expected Ali to get eliminated. He, in fact, seemed like one of the players who would be in the top 3. 

But even before the contestants could recover from the shock of Ali's elimination, the nomination for the upcoming week began. The housemates have now picked the ones they think do not deserve to be in the house anymore. 

Baba Bhaskar
Baba BhaskarTwitter/StarMaa

While Baba Bhaskar remained safe from this week's nomination on account of his captaincy, Ravi Krishna, Himaja, Shilpa Chakravarthy, Mahesh Vitta, Punarnavi Bhupalam and Sreemukhi were nominated to leave the house. 

TV anchor Sreemukhi
TV anchor SreemukhiTwitter

The captain of the house always has the chance to give immunity to one contestant. Baba Bhaskar this time chose to save Ravi. 

But while Ravi was overwhelmed by Baba's gesture, the audience, as well as the other housemates, thought that the captain would save Sreemukhi. 

TV anchor Sreemukhi was, in fact, happy with Baba's decision. However, she got upset when the captain asked her if she felt bad about his move. 

She went to the courtyard room and was seen sitting alone. Meanwhile, the other contestants in the house were happy that Baba did not save Sreemukhi and that this has been a shock to her.

But Sreemukhi, being the strong contestant, is not going to let any of these things affect her,