The cinematic experience has reached a point where the romantic plots get extremely predictable at the launch of the trailer itself. Squared Love is a romantic comedy set in Poland which mainly tells the story of a teacher who has a double life. And how she falls in love with another man who has a double life. But, there are various reasons why it doesn't bother you, since borrowing screen names or wearing a wig is not a crime in a free country, mainly when you use them to be a professional model. Neither is driving a sports car. Squared Love is not a case of identity theft. Just another Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi or Andaz Apna Apna, where the characters simply change their fashion.

The premise of Squared Love becomes unbelievable when the story suggests that a school teacher gets an ample amount of time to be a mega glamorous model while being a role model for young children. What gets disappointing is its indebtedness to American movies, and not bringing in the Polish individuality in its narration. 

Squared Love

The plot

Enzo (Mateusz Banasiuk) is not really Enzo. He's actually Stefan, (catch the Vampire Diaries reference) but he is the poster boy model who cruises the city in fancy sports cars. Klaudia (Adrianna Chlebicka) actually Monika, an adorable bespectacled school teacher whose transformation is more believable. It takes young Ania, Stefan's niece to play the matchmaker and figure out that Klaudia is actually Monika.

Klaudia lives a double life to repay her father's debts and thereby does glossy photoshoots while managing her students in the chaotic classroom. She is perpetually threatened by the Principal who warns her about termination if her students fail to score marks. Monika here plays the female superman, who reveals her identity when she spots Ania consume fish, which she is allergic to. Nothing justifies, why she would suddenly take off her wig while trying to help the young girl at a public event. 

The screenplay of the film becomes repetitive and the establishment of each of the characters unconsciously reveal the role they would play later in the script. At a time when Netflix is releasing one romantic watch after another, there's nothing really gripping that keeps Squared Love worth binging. 

Ratings: 2 stars