Square Foot, avant-garde in flooring solutions, has launched its latest collection of IPE outdoor deck flooring last week. Researched, designed and tested for outdoor areas, IPE floors can be installed and utilized on any level surface around the patio, swimming pool or even the garden path.

A facile practical solution for all, IPE flooring facilitates is said to be functional as well as immaculate flooring options for areas like saunas, spas, fitness centres and beachside areas. The company claims it to be a boon for travelling exhibitors who need a solution to ensure quick and hassle-free installation and dissembling of floor surfaces during exhibitions.

Rendering limitless applications to the potential customer, the product is claimed to be a conveniently practical solution for homes and restaurants casting a remarkable impression on people.

"It is reckoned among the most beautiful decking materials and due to the dense and strong nature, reliability, and durability it has become widely popular. This kind of decking is naturally resistant to decay of wood and wood damaging organisms like ants and moles; hence it is very ideal for outdoor installations. IPE makes it possible for anyone to create a small oasis of tranquillity in their own backyard, patio or terrace, without the need for complex and expensive construction work", stated Gaurav Saraf, Joint Managing Director, Square Foot.

Available in two finishes: striped - specifically designed for swimming pool decks, beach side areas and spas along with smooth - for patios, gardens and gazebos. A special water based oil can be applied twice a year to prevent the wood from changing its colour to white or silver.

An excitingly new range in flooring options, Square Foot, with over 17 years of market stay, has followed two simple principles for selecting products for India - Quality and Innovation.

The varied array of products categories consists of solid wood, engineered wood, laminate wood, outdoor deck flooring, commercial heterogeneous & homogeneous vinyl, linoleum and floors for sports application - both indoor and outdoor. Available in a variety of alternative colours, shades, patterns and designs, the quality standards and price points which give the customer a wide choice to choose from.

IPE decking comes in a tile system 300x300mm and the starting range is at a special inaugural price of ₹425 readily available across all Square Foot Stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Kochi and Hyderabad.