Touching video shows kids giving out free hugs
Touching video shows kids giving out free hugs.Screenshot/Youtube

Munna Bhai said it then, and the kids from 'Home of Faith' proved it now: "Hugs equal Happiness".

In an attempt to spread happiness, Whooppie Mobile App teamed up with the kids from the Bengaluru orphanage Home of Faith, to offer free hugs to the busy shoppers at the Forum mall in Bengaluru.

While many people just walked past the kids holding placards that read "Free Hugs Available", "Jaadu Ki Jhappi" and "Don't Think, Just Hug Me", a few looked timid and embarrassed. Although it took a while, a few shoppers became recipients of some of the warmest hugs ever given out.

Some people hugged it out "bro-style" and some "bear hugged" each other. Some could not resist picking up the younger kids and petting them for a while. A few even went a step further and kissed the free huggers.

One hug led to another and resulted in group hugs, selfies and even group photos. These free hugs certainly accomplished what they sought out to establish; put smiles on the faces of a few strangers.

The touching video ends with the beautiful message "There are No Unwanted Children, Only Unfound Families".

The brilliant concept and its straightforward execution have touched many hearts and people of the Internet are responding kindly to it. The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on 10 November has received only positive comments from the viewers.

Khyati Gupta posted, "jaadu ki jhappi works more than food , money and medicine. ..... So whenever u wish to donate something... donate some love also It really works Great work...... So many people felt happy just because of JAADU KI JHAPPI".

Jatin Singh commented, "awesome...... doing a great job", and Kat Chuensai said, "How beautiful..."

Watch the video below.