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As shows like "The Messengers" and "Silicon Valley (coming back for season 2), make their premiere in April, many ongoing TV shows, including "The Originals", "Once Upon a Time" and "Supernatural" are reaching pivotal points in their story-lines. Take a look at where these shows are currently and what is in store for them in the coming weeks. 

The Originals

Over the course of Season 2 it was shown that the Mikaelson family is much larger than Rebekkah, Klaus and Elijah. Now, after the apparent demise of Kol and Finn, the eldest sibling Freya, who is back after many centuries, have to earn the trust of Klaus. Meanwhile, the favourite sister Rebekah is locked into the body of an evil witch, which just might end up on killing her. If Freya successfully saves her sister, she can be in the good books of her family.

Teasers from Maisie Richardson-Sellers, who plays the new body of Rebekah, suggest that there is also a Rebekah-Marcel love story to look forward to.

Once Upon a Time

Now that the Queens of Darkness and the Dark One, have joined hands in finding the author of the storybook to get them all happy endings, the ABC series is off to an exciting story arc. Evil Queen is suddenly one among the heroes and so is the once-rogue Captain Hook. Everyone is rooting for Regina to get her happy ending in Season 4, but what about Rumple, who once again fooled his wife Belle into giving him the dagger that controls him? Does he deserve a happy ending after repeatedly conning everyone to get what he wants?


After transferring the "mark of Caine" to Dean, Caine went berserk and began a killing spree beginning with every member of his bloodline, leaving Dean with the task of killing Caine. Before dying, Caine revealed to the eldest Winchester brother that there is no way out of the curse that is "mark of Caine".

Although Dean has accepted that he would not be able to get rid of the mark, Sam is hell-bent on finding a cure and is assisted by their angel friend Castiel in the matter. Meanwhile, there is much more to know about Crowley's mother Rowena and her notoriety, that will be explored in the coming episodes of Season 10.