After years of laughter, joy, some emotional swings, and many many episodes later, ABC's popular show, Modern Family has finally come to its series finale. The show that lasted 11 seasons aired its final episode on Wednesday. Created by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan, the Emmy Awards winning show played well on the show's themes and wit till the very last minute.

Talking about the finale, Steven Levitan said, "Chris and I have always liked finales where people are in some form saying goodbye because that's what the audience is doing. The goal, deliver a solid, funny episode that feels real and gives you that emotional sendoff I think everybody craves."

The final episodeIn Jay's house, played by Ed O'Neill, the drama seems to be around the fact that Gloria, essayed by Sofia Vergara is now working. While Jay has trouble with his wife working, Gloria is scared about missing out on time with her sons.

The most heartfelt line in the episode was perhaps, Jay addressing Mitchell and Cam as his children. He says, "Both my sons are leaving."

Phil asking Claire to "leave the porch light on, they come back", also throws some spotlight on the show coming to end but the possibility that it may come back with a spin-off later.

The series finale was a typical Modern Family episode with the usual laughs, jokes, and the lovable family jibes. It may seem hard saying good bye to it, especially in the middle of quarantine and lockdown, but it does highlight the importance of family now more than ever.