Anand Mehrotra
Anand Mehrotra

Jyotish enables us to see things further in our abilities, like who we are and how we evolve jiva (life) or atman (soul). This tool helps refine one's existence and become more illuminated regarding self. Anand Mehrotra has given many Jyotish readings to people all over the globe and helped them get in tune with their flow of life.

The Jyotish Master has experience of over two decades now; he correspondingly teaches Jyotish at Sattva Yoga Academy, offering Jyotish Foundations and Advanced Studies in Jyotish to astrologers who are practising around the world. He describes the Jyotish course as a path to open one's mind to the interconnectedness of life. Through this course, one can not only enhance their lives but bring impact on others too! Gems have been demonstrated to bring favourable upliftment to the lives of people who wear them daily. The right Gem set in a suitable metal can help bring a drastic change in life.

He believes that the spiritual wisdom of Vedic Astrology is particularly scientific; his teaching technique is precisely scientific and systematic, which emphasizes the functional application of Jyotish understanding. The scientific approach in this Vedic spiritual custom is contrary to the superstitious and ideology-based results often found in other astrological systems.

He is known for his predictions and recommendation for stones according to his customers' birth charts. Gemstones serve as remedies like supplements. Gems function like a magnet that helps one attract or magnify whatever planetary energy or quality one wishes to enhance. Sattva Jyotish Gems provides genuine natural gemstones dipped in the holy Ganges river in exquisite settings that make the perfect everyday accessory alongside supporting them in living a life of total fulfilment.

With the increasing appeal of Vedic Astrology in the Western world, Jyotish like Anand Ji is obliged to penetrate the roots of Indian culture around the globe. Sattva Jyotish Gems, a company established with the ability to deliver trusted, high-quality Ratna to their customers, is located in the Himalayan foothills, Rishikesh, India, and California, United States. People who wish to order quality unheated semi-precious stones can also visit their website and book a reading or choose from stones and settings.