'Spider-Man Reboot' is slated for release only in 2017, but rumours revolving around the solo Spider-Man franchise have kept fans quite interested. The latest buzz hints at the possibility of Peter Parker fighting a new villain.

Karen Moy, vice-president of creative affairs at Sony, is doing research on Kraven the Hunter, according to Heroic Hollywood.

The website claims that its sources at Sony have hinted that Moy has purchased a copy of "Kraven's Last Hunt" trade paperback on Amazon. 

So, it appears that Sony is exploring Kraven as their bad guy. Well, it may actually be possible, Birth Movies Death had reported. The website spoke to Kevin Feige who told them that the film would be using a new villain. And this villain is someone we haven't seen in any of the previous five films.

The website has also listed out reasons as to why Kraven would work well as the new villain. It said that Kraven is a small-time villain and won't be knocking over buildings, keeping the scope limited.

It further stated that Kraven also breaks the cliché of the obvious Spidey movie villain because he has no connections with Spider-Man or Peter Parker. 

So, who's Kraven the Hunter? In the comics, Kraven the Hunter aka Sergei Kravinoff is the world's greatest big game hunter, who believes that killing the webslinger will seal his place in history. Interestingly, Kraven has no unique weapons, but it is just his superhuman strengths and senses that allow him to take down any prey with just his bare hands.

Well, if this rumour turns out to be true, then it would be exciting to watch Spider-Man fight a new villain in Marvel's upcoming "Spider-Man Reboot", which is scheduled to be released on 28 July, 2017.