Spider-Man fans have long waited for this. It looks like Marvel has dropped major hints, in the most unusual way, about the title and Spider-Man's costume and looks for the 2017 reboot.

The year seems to be quite exciting for Marvel fans, with the franchise officially kicking off its Phase Three line-up with "Captain America-Civil War." But what was more exciting was when Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) announced Tom Holland-portrayed Spider-Man's appearance in the film. And it has since then got fans speculating and wondering about the new Spidey's looks and costume.

Now, though no official detail has been released as to how the new Spider-Man costume will look, fans may have got a peek at it through a very unlikely but believable source — the business card of Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso.

Hybrid Network recently got hold of this business card, which according to Movie Web apparently features the first glimpse of Spidey's new look. The card has various other Marvel characters, like Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Star-Lord and Black Panther. And the report pointed out that since all these characters are wearing their MCU costumes, what Spider-Man is seen wearing on this business card could also be his official costume for "Spider-Man Reboot."

Meanwhile, Cinemablend has reported Marvel Studios may have revealed the official movie title for the Tom Holland-starrer 2017 film in a press release for "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2."

According to this report, the details in the press release hint Marvel has decided to give the 2017 film the same title as the 2002 flick titled "Spider-Man," which starred Tobey Maguire and introduced the web-slinger to the big screen for the first time.

Well, we will know if these speculations are true once an official announcement is made. Until then, Spider-Man fans can get their fix of some Spidey action in "Captain America: Civil War."

"Spider-Man Reboot" is expected to be released July 28, 2017.