American actress Zendaya's long-speculated character has been revealed and it seems that Spider-Man fans are again upset with the casting of the upcoming superhero film. According to fans, Zendaya's character in the movie doesn't match her personality, similar to the earlier casting of Jacob Batalon.

The Wrap has reported that Zendaya will be playing the role of Mary Jane Watson; Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man's long time love interest. Earlier, she was reported to have been cast for the character of Peter's classmate Michelle.

The website has stated that the information was revealed by two individuals close to the film.

Mary Jane played a pivotal role in Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" trilogy that starred Toby Maguire in the titular role. Kirsten Dunst played the character in the movies. In Mark Webb's "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" featuring Andrew Garfield in the lead role, Shailene Woodley was cast as Mary Jane, but all her scenes were cut from the final film.

Marvel fans are eagerly looking forward to watch their favourite web-slinger returning to the big screen and are pretty happy with Tom Holland being cast as the friendly neighbourhood hero. But several of them are not very happy with Zendaya's casting as Mary Jane.

Many of the fans have voiced against Zendaya's role of Mary Jane as according to them, the character is significantly different from the 19-year-old's personality. Besides it, Mary Jane is always shown to be a girl with red hair. However, Zendaya's original hair colour is quite unlike M.J.'s and hence, Spidey fans are not very sure about it.

Earlier, the fans had also protested against the casting of Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds; one of the supporting characters from the original comic books. The physical appearance of Ned Leeds from the comic books is very much different from that of Batalon's.

Despite all the protests, the production work on the movie is going on full–fledged and it will hit the big screens on July 7, 2017. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige believes that the high-school setting of the story will be unique, and Spidey and MCU fans will love it.