Spider Man
Spider ManTwitter/insomniacgames

Before the E3 2016 took off, rumours hinted at the possibility of a new "Spider-man" video game, raising the excitement levels among fans. The game was revealed at the E3 2016 when a teaser trailer of it was released.

It was confirmed that the game was being developed by Insomniac Games, where we saw Spider-man swooping through the Manhattan streets in his iconic suit but sporting a big white spider logo. It was also revealed that the game would be PS4 exclusive that would release in 2017.

Insomniac Games has explained why the game is not being released on PC and Xbox One, after fans wanted to know why the game is not on multiplatform. On being questioned by fans, the developer took to Twitter to say that Spider-man is a Marvel property and Sony "doesn't do" multiplatform games.

"We can't change that. Spider-Man is a Marvel property. We don't control that. Sony doesn't do multiplat games," the Twitter post said.

Bill Rosemann, creative director of Marvel Games, was recently interviewed after the successful E3 2016. Here are some excerpts of the interview and his observation on new video game "Spider-man."

"It's Peter Parker, but he has a different costume. We like to think that it's inspired by the classic design. But yet, it's clearly different," he said.

"Even though Spider-Man is always in serious situations with high stakes and drama, he has that trademark humor that's always present and we wanted to capitalize on that sense of humor and joy that we saw him express in Marvel's "Captain America: Civil War...," he added.

Though Insomniac Games and Marvel have only given out the contours of the game, it could turn out to be a promising game for PS4 console users.