It seems that the famous stage magician Penn Jilette is all set to put some magic to one of the upcoming issues of "Spider-Man/Deadpool" as Marvel has announced that he will be writing the story for it.

As reported by Comic Book, Jilette will be penning the story of "Spider-Man/Deadpool #11." Along with the regular characters, Jilette will also be appearing in the comic book along with his show partner, Teller.

Talking with Marvel, Jilette said: "Spider-Man/Deadpool are a team, but in this comic, the team is Spider-Man/Teller and Penn/Deadpool. Imagine what a magician could do with someone who heals that quickly!"

Jilette also said that he wanted to run Deadpool through a sword even though he acknowledged that whenever this kind of thing happens, it hurts Deadpool badly. Although Deadpool is able to heal himself immediately, it leaves him emotionally stunned for a while and according to Jilette, "That's why it's fun!"

Jordan White, who serves as the editor of "Spider-Man/Deadpool" comic books, expressed his excitement with Jilette writing the next issue. He said that he has been a long time fan of Jilette's shows and while trying to brainstorm ideas for an apt writer, Jilette's name was first that hit his mind.

"Spider-Man has the sensibility of everything wonderful and groovy from the '80s and '90s, and then you've got Deadpool who's become a character of the 21st Century," Jilette said.

"There's a new impetus there -- breaking the fourth wall -- there's a lot of stuff that I'm interested in theatre and performance that the Deadpool character is playing around with. The idea of having something happen while you're commenting on it is fascinating to me. I love to do magic tricks, talk about how magic tricks are done, and still fool [people.]"

"Spider-Man/Deadpool" is termed as one of the most bold and somewhat rude ongoing Marvel comic book line as it has led to several controversies in the recent past, including a DC comic book's fan-uproar when it brutally mocked "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."