Spider Dog
Mutant Giant Spider Dog terrifies strangersScreenshot/Youtube

The latest video of a pet dog dressed like a giant spider, chasing and spiking terror in people came on its way, has gone viral on YouTube.

The video, entitled as "Mutant Giant Spider Dog", shows a dog named Chica in a giant spider costume. It is hilarious to watch the way the 'Spider dog' scares people around it.

The video is created and uploaded by Sylwester Wardega. He has got over 44 million views in just three days. The Polish prankster has designed the outfit, which almost covers his medium-sized pet pooch. The costume has a large furry body with long big legs attached to it. The best part is that those legs bounce while Chica runs or walks.

The huge body with such bouncy spider legs made many unsuspected men and women freak out. They ran out of that place screaming on top of their voice. Wardega added spice to his prank by creating spider-webs using ropes and set some dummies wrapped with it.

He has also used appropriate background sound for the video, which creates a spooky atmosphere. The video is a compilation of footages of different scenarios. Wardega had set hidden cameras to capture people's reactions when the pooch spider came in front of them.

The Spider dog scared two women when an elevator opened (for which they were waiting) and the beast came out of it. Then it fled a couple when they saw a dummy hanging wrapped in a spider web and the creature came running towards them. Even a man got stuck in the fake web when he was trying to run from the giant spider dog.

The video has unexpectedly gone viral and after seeing the growth speed it would not be surprising if it touches the most watched video "Gangnam Style" record, which has more than two billions views.

Watch the Viral Video of "Mutant Giant Spider Dog":