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The search engine giant Google, known for undertaking experiments in order to render the best service to its millions of users across the world, has planned to jump into the business of "smart spectacles."

The team that is working on self-driven cars technology now will also develop the experimental "augmented reality" glasses.           

Though this ambitious project is still in its infancy, it will set a milestone in the path of growing technology if turns into reality.

The glasses are engineered to work on voice mode, by giving verbal commands the user can snap photos and instantly share it on the social page, do video chats, display directions, get weather forecast, so on and so forth.

The new age digital glasses were introduced by the search engine giant on its social networking site Google+ on Wednesday. Google posted over a 2-minute-long video to "demonstrate what it might enable one to do and what this technology could look like."

Take a look at the rumored features of Google glasses that promise to make your search and life easier:

Click photos: Taking photos has never been so easy. The advent of Google glasses would enable users to click pictures through spoken commands and instantly share it on Google+ circles.

Videochat: What is mandatory to engage in a videochat? A computer conjoined to a video camera. However, the Google glasses would redefine it. The tech-rich specs enable video-chat when you're on the move or initiate a video conference at any place you want without having any conventional baggage.

GPRs: The GPRs technology has been taken to a new level in Google's Project Glass. Users can see directions appearing before their eyes as they fix the destination.

Play Music: The Google goggles could play music to for you to rule out the boredom, thus saving you from carrying extra accessories for entertainment.

Weather Forecast: No need to browse through newspapers, mobile applications or even the web to figure out the temperature of the day. You would get the climate forecast popping-up before your eyes as you step out of the house.

Scheduling: Using Google glasses one can schedule appointments and get notified at the right time.