Spanish border police has released footage showing a migrant caught hiding behind the glove compartment of a car. Three migrants in total were found by police in the car at a checkpoint as it tried to cross the Spanish-Morocco border into Melilla.

One man was hiding in a false bottom between the engine and the dashboard while the others were hiding underneath the back seat. The driver of the car fled the scene and managed to cross back into Morocco after police discovered the migrants.

A police statement said that the men had paid €3,000 each [£2,194, $3,380] to traffickers. They had to be treated by health services for breathing difficulties, numbness and muscle aches.

Just over 12 square kilometres (44.7 square miles), Melilla is a Spanish city on the African continent and shares a border with Morocco. Along with Ceuta, it is one of two Spanish enclaves in northern Africa.