An Indonesian spa differs from the others in one such unique aspect: the therapist is not a human being but a group of pythons!USFWS/Southeast/Flickr

It is hard to find someone who does not enjoy the relaxation and comfort provided by a massage. Think of the additional benefits when skills involved in the therapy are more natural than acquired by undergoing professional training.

An Indonesian spa differs from others in one unique aspect: the therapist is not a human but a group of pythons.

The Bali Heritage Reflexology and Spa in Jakarta has been making headlines since the media released details about its unique style of providing relaxation. The massage treatment involves placing huge pythons on the customer's back to provide certain health benefits by managing their movement on the body. The popular belief involved with the treatment is that the fear caused by the movement of the pythons helps release adrenaline into the body, thus improving metabolism, CBS NEWS reported while releasing some photos

The python massage is safe as the reptiles are fed well before the therapy and their mouths are taped during the massage, Medical Daily reported.

Treatment with snakes is not a new idea. A video uploaded on popular video sharing website YouTube last year showed a spa in Moscow that offered snake massages. The description of the video said that physical contact with small snakes can help improve blood circulation and provide relaxation, while bigger ones provide relief from muscle and joint pain.

"This procedure is relaxing. During tactile contact with man, snakes share their internal heat, despite the fact that this is a cold-blooded animal. But the most important thing is that snakes have a very strong power, with which they energize a person. After contact with a snake, man's mood rises," snake massage therapist Olga Lutovinova, told Russian Snake Massage.

In July, a Tokyo-based salon became a hit for offering snail massages for the face. The Clinical Spa in Japan claimed that snail mucus can help fight ageing and look younger.

Watch the snake massage in a Russian spa: