The next seasons of popular animated TV series "South Park" have been confirmed, with each season consisting of 10 episodes each. The series will continue focusing on current affairs and the stories will be based on such issues.

Comedy Central President Michele Ganeless has confirmed in an interview with IGN that the series has been renewed for three more seasons and will be aired till 2019.

Ganeless also said the upcoming seasons will be made keeping in mind all generations of audience, and will surely perform well.

According to Yibada, "South Park" creator Matt Stone and Trey Parker have come to an agreement that they will make more episodes only if the next season will be aired in the fall.

Since each of the new seasons will be comparatively shorter than the previous ones, consisting of only 10 episodes, they will run for 10 weeks. Yibada has said the reason behind the fewer number of episodes in the upcoming seasons is the busy schedule of Stone and Parker.

As reported by iDigital Times, the new deal between Stone-Parker and Comedy Central is to make "South Park" the longest-running TV and animated series on the channel, and the creators are looking forward to achieve a new milestone of airing 300 episodes of the series.

The last season of "South Park" was one of the most popular of the series. It boldly explored the stereotypical elements of society, which made it a fan favourite. Hence, the viewers are looking forward to same sort of entertainment with the next season of the series.

In other news, Parker and Stone have started a production house of their own that will produce movies, TV series and theatrical dramas. It is named Important Studios and is currently churning out "Book of Mormon," with more national tours planned soon.