The upcoming season 19 of South Park starts Wednesday, 16 September, and as always, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, we are sure, are cooking up topics and ideas that are to be featured in the new season – although they will probably end up thinking about the topic just a day or two before the episode airs.

South Park isn't your average day to day adult comedy cartoon series. The series has always had an edge over other such shows, thanks to the ability of picking up the freshest headlines in or outside the US. And once a topic is set, well, all hell breaks loose with the kind of social commentary attached to them.

So with the season 19 almost upon us, which are the topics you think Trey and Matt will deal with for 2015? The year has seen a number of events that are controversial, to say the least, but that provides the perfect fodder for the team to pitch in some great ideas for episodes.

However, while Matt and Trey keep figuring out the finer points, here's our prediction of the top 10 topics that could be covered in South Park's season 19.

South Park Season 19 – Top 10 Topics Predictions

New Star Wars Movie

If there's a new season that's coming up for South Park, it's almost impossible that at least one of the episodes in the season won't feature a sort of testimony to anything related to Star Wars. And now with the new Star Wars movie coming up, we don't rule out the idea that J.J. Abrams could make a sort of appearance in the episode. There have been times when George Lucas has been trolled on South Park, and we just don't see how the new Star Wars movie will be kept out of season 19.

Timmy Has a Girlfriend

Timmy has ADD, Timmy has a rockband (Timmy and The Lords of the Underworld), Timmy has a hellish life. What Timmy doesn't have, however, is a girlfriend. South Park, over the years, has dealt with a number or sensitive issues that the society otherwise wouldn't even dare to talk about. One of them is surely the character of Timmy, who is handicapped, moves around in a wheelchair and, well, can say only one word (Timmy!!). How about getting Timmy a girlfriend and building upon it? We think that's totally kewl!

A Take on Caitlyn Jenner

It's not like it's the first time that South Park has poked fun at the transgender community. We have had episodes (including 'The Cissy') based on those, thanks to the sexually confused Mr. (Ms.?!?!?) Garrison and his/her battle to find the true, inner self. And if those episodes went swimmingly, we just don't see how Trey and Matt will leave aside the entire Bruce Jenner's transition to Caitlyn Jenner drama from the season. Bruce's transformation into Caitlyn may have highlighted the kind of issues faced by the transgender community, but Jenner's wealth and social status means she won't have to face the sort of awkwardness faced by the ones in that community. Maybe, Garrison will get to play a major role here.

A Tribute to Isis

If the guys over at the studio can poke fun at Osama and the Taliban, and even Saddam (on a regular basis), we don't see how they will keep the Isis out of their list of topics for the season. The Isis guys are in news almost every day, thanks to their atrocious killings, radical beliefs and beheadings (they threw gay people off the buildings). Maybe, in one episode, the boys will pay them a visit and probably Kyle will try to reconcile with them.

Donald Trump's Republican Drama

With all the political turmoil that's currently happening in the USA, there's a huge chance that one of the season's major episodes will involve the great Donald Trump. Trump has been in news for his 'great ambitions' with the Republican Party (including building the Great Wall of Mexico) and has already provided fodder for Matt and Trey with a chance to remake the 'Goobacks' episode with Trump at the forefront (expect to whip out the 'they took our jobs' sentiment once more). This small, hick town has got behind the likes of Obama and the Hilldog in the past, and it will be truly surprising if Trump's Republican antics don't fetch him a place in at least one of the episodes.

The Coon Returns... And Becomes a Major Blockbuster

In case you were living under a rock, off late, there has been a major influx in the number of superhero movies. As of now, we are waiting for the biggest grand daddy of them all – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – and maybe this is also the perfect time for the Coon to step back into the limelight, and even chalk out a name for himself in Hollywood. After all, Cartman's biggest dream in life is to make 10 million dollars, and what better way to do that than making a completely unethical superhero movie (starring The Coon), much to the ire of Kyle.

The European Immigrant Influx

While we still can't get that burning image of the dead child (one of the immigrants) washed ashore while making his way into Europe, we know Matt and Trey, surely, at some point in the season, will hit upon the topic. Maybe, the immigrants will lose their way and enter America instead of a European country, where Cartman will be ready to patronise them about 'choking in the sweet air of freedom' – only to be reminded by Kyle that America was also found on the same waters. Ahem!

This Outrageous PLA Video

Maybe the guys haven't stumbled on to this one, and if they haven't, you know where to look, Matt and Trey. This piece of video was released from China a few days ago and resembles a fake Chinese attack on the US base that looks so much like the one that's based in Okinawa, Japan. We don't know how they can make an episode out of it, but if it's South Park, expect the bizarre.

Which social issues you think will make it to South Park season 19? Let us know in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more updates.