Cookin' Nanta in action
Cookin' Nanta in actionOfficial Nanta facebook page

The Consulate of the Republic of Korea has joined hands with the Korean Art and Cultural centres across five major cities in India to organise Korea's much-hyped non-verbal comic music performance titled Cookin' Nanta.

Nanta holds the record for performing in 58 counties and 313 cities spreading Korean culture with their electrifying performance and infectious rhythm. The non-verbal musical dramatizes the chaotic kitchen filled with reckless rhythms and percussion using kitchen utensils to entertain spectators.

The musical uses a simple backstory with three cooks scouring to complete a wedding banquet within a stipulated time. To add on to the chaos, the manager introduces his inefficient nephew to the maddening kitchen to add more comic relief.   

The skilled performers use acrobatics, magic tricks, pantomime and active audience participation in the show. The signature musical touch of Korea is brought to the show by the use of traditional Korean Samul Nori music performed with improvised kitchen utensils like cutting boards, water containers, knives and ladles. The show has widely been talked about for its finale part with heart-pounding drum beats making it a must-see for entertainment seekers.

Nanta is highly popular in Korea and is the longest running show in Korean history. Nanta has two private theatres in Korea and one in Thailand. The musical performance gained international recognition after its international debut at the 1999 Edinburg Festival Fringe and received an award for best performance. Since then the extremely popular show has been staged in 58 countries worldwide.

The show is scheduled to open its performance in Vijayawada on October 23 followed by Hyderabad on October 27. The crew is slated to create their magic in Chennai on November 2, New Delhi on November 13 and conclude in Mumbai on November 20 and 21. Tickets for the musical performance and other details of the show can be obtained from