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South Korean Rapper Gonzo aka DoK2Getty Images

South Korean rapper Dok2 took to Instagram on November 6th, to share his unfortunate experience while visiting Los Angeles.

According to media reports, few miscreants broke into the rapper's car and stole his belongings and his manager's backpack. The backpack is said to contain his necklace, watch, camera, phones and passport. Dok2 and his manager were dining at a restaurant at the time of the incident.

The rapper also added that he was disappointed with the police for brushing off the event lightly. The police have, however, maintained that such incidents occur frequently and it was the rappers fault for leaving his valuables in the car.

The rapper's Instagram post translates as "Between 7 and 7.30 last evening at Han Bar restaurant in Koreatown, LA, thieves broke into my car and stole my backpack and my manager's backpack. Inside were my necklace, watches, camera, two Korean phones and passport. You might not be able to reach me for a while. I called the police but both the police and security were saying that it is more of our fault for leaving the bags in the car since such cases are so common here. They say the possibility of catching the thieves is very low. We had no choice but to leave the bags in the car because we were stopping by for dinner while on our way to the airport after checking out from our hotel."

Considering Korea, which is one of the safest places for tourists, the incident comes as a shock to many Korean fans. Meanwhile, his fans from the States have posted advice for the rapper mentioning that at least the artist has escaped unharmed in the event. The fans further reinstated that people should not leave any valuables in the car. A few of his fans also hoped that the incident doesn't prevent the rapper from visiting LA again.