South Korean actress Jang Na Ra, who is popular for her role as Cha Yang-soon in SBS drama "Successful Story of a Bright Girl", met with a minor accident at Yongin in the country's Gyeonggi Province on Tuesday.

The celeb was on her way to the shooting location of KBS show "I Remember You" when her van was hit by another vehicle at an intersection in Yongin at around 12:50 am KST.

"Today on our way to a early morning shoot Jang Na Ra was involved in a very minor car accident. The car received damages but no one was injured extensively," read the statement released by Jang Na Ra's representative, according to Koreaboo.

The rep also stated that one of the staff members, who was in the vehicle, has been taken to hospital. "The staff in the vehicle with her was taken to the hospital immediately after the accident, but Jang Na Ra had to go film for her drama," AllKpop quoted the rep as saying.

"Jang Na Ra is hanging on with her mental strength. After she finishes filming for the drama's last episode, she will head over to the hospital for a precise checkup."