Popular South Korean actor Yunho and After School member Uee were recently spotted together by fans, who claim they are in a relationship.

The 29-year-old actor, who completed his training in military service, had his graduation ceremony last week and Uee was one of the Kpop stars to attend the event. The presence of After School member sparked speculation about the two being in a relationship.

Some of their fans were surprised to see Yunho with the 27-year-old singer. They shared their excitement by uploading several photos of the two stars on various social networking sites.

One of the images posted by an admirer under the title "Uee attended Yunho's recruit graduation ceremony?" captured the attention of Uee's representatives at Pledis Entertainment.

The representative of the After School member immediately denied the rumours and stated that the two are just friends. According to the spokesperson, the singer attended Yunho's graduation ceremony to show her support to her close friend.

"It′s true that Uee attended U-Know Yunho′s boot camp graduation ceremony. They have always been close, they are absolutely not dating. There were a lot of other acquaintances there. She saw him, cheered him on and returned," Mwave quoted the agency as saying.