South Korean actor Lee Min Ho, who is known for his good looks and charisma, apparently captured the attention of fans through his new avatar on the cover of Elle Magazine.

The Korean edition of the publication released a set of photos of their photoshoot with the celeb for its September issue on Facebook and Instagram.

The cover page of the fashion magazine shows Min Ho wearing a printed shirt with a charming and confident smile on his face. There are also images of the actor showing off his body in a navy blue suit.

"The Heirs" star even opened up about the secret behind a successful career and shared few details on being happy in an interview with Elle Magazine.

"I don't feel happiness from enjoyment by myself, but I'm the type to feel happiness only when I see other people's enjoyment through myself. Whenever I feel something is lacking, I think about what I could do right now in order to become happy. I need to know exactly what situation I'm in in order to not fall continuously into that feeling," AllKpop quoted him as saying. 

Meanwhile, Min Ho also stated that the time has come for him to be manly and responsible. "I think I've reached the age where I feel the charm in being manly. Since I was young, I thought that men had to be responsible for their person, their words, and their actions. I even hate going back on my words among friends," he said.