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In a major scare, a patient diagnosed with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) tried to run away from an isolated facility and threatened to "spread it all around" in South Korea, which has reported 150 cases and 16 deaths due to the outbreak.

The incident happened last week when the 42-year-old patient reported symptoms such as  fever, nausea, cough that are common with MERS.

The patient reportedly took a taxi to the Gangnam Severance Hospital instead of an ambulance.

While the samples were being tested, the patient was put in an isolated treatment facility but broke the lock of the facility and returned home, The Korea Herald reported. 

It is not clear from the report if the patient was a man or a woman. 

"If I have MERS I will spread it all around," the patient reportedly threatened, according to officials.

The tests confirmed that the patient had contracted MERS, and it was only after several phone calls were made to the patient's family that the person was admitted to Seoul Medical Center, the report said. 

The person had reportedly contracted the disease during a regular ckeck-up last month at a health centre. 

Following the incident, three doctors at the Gangnam Severance Hospital are being kept on an isolated watch, while officials are monitoring the patient's route using CCTV footages. 

South Korea is reeling under the biggest outbreak of MERS outside of Saudi Arabia. 

North Korea is also on guard and has asked South Korea to ensure there is no cross-border spread of the MERS outbreak, Yonhap news agency reported on Monday.