LG has reportedly released the latest Android Marshmallow OS to the G4 in the company's home market of South Korea.

LG had on October 15 issued an official statement that it would release Google's new mobile OS to G4 in the third week of October.

As promised, the company initiated the first phase of the Android 6.0 deployment process in Poland in late October, making the LG G4 the first non-Nexus-series phone to get the Marshmallow update.

Now, the new OS is being rolled out to G4 models (LG-F500K, LG-F500L & LG-F500S) in South Korea, reported Android Central.

When will the new update come to the LG G4 model in India?

LG took around two weeks after the Poland rollout to release the Marshmallow update on the Korean G4 models.

Going by the release pattern and with no report of any bugs in the firmware, we believe the company is most likely to ramp up the speed in the update's delivery process to global markets. LG G4 owners in India and other regions of Asia, Europe and America can expect to experience the Android Marshmallow probably by this month-end or early December.

Stay tuned for more updates.

The key attribute of the Marshmallow update is the Doze power-saving feature, which is said to extend battery life by at least 30% depending on the device's internal hardware.

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Other features include native support for fingerprint sensor input, a leaner and faster Chrome browser, more intuitive Now on Tap feature, new security feature-verified boot system, support for more international dialects, new contextual assistance feature, Google Photos and auto back-up from where all apps' user data (less than 25MB) will automatically be stored on Google Drive.