Neha Saxena, Elson Lohidakshan
Neha Saxena, Elson LohidakshanFacebook

Actress Neha Saxena, who mostly appears in Malayalam and Kannada films and had also done a few films in Tamil, Telugu and Bollywood, recently named and shamed a man who asked her for a one night stand.

In a Facebook post, Neha shared the screenshots of her WhatsApp chat with the man named Elson Lohidakshan who apparently works at Shine System Services (L.L.C) in Abu Dhabi. He had asked the actress on WhatsApp (handled by her PR manager) whether she was available to have sex with him for a night.

However, his attempt at seeking sexual favour landed him in trouble when Neha's PR manager replied to him saying that they will make in popular by publicly naming and shaming him in the media.

They tracked down his details and even tried to sought handwritten apology from him, but Elson didn't respond to their repeated calls.

Read Neha Saxena's Facebook post here.

"Good morning to all.

Well many of my fans and well wishers visited to his company. Traced his details down but he is been absconding from everywhere and when many of them tried calling him. He is giving excuses, that his phone was hacked which is highly impossible.

He doesn't even know telling such lies he is infact calling for another trouble for himself ..
Now his phone is off .. he is not in his company neither at his place in dubai .. he lives with his parents and surprisingly even parents are believing the fact that their son phone was hacked.

If the phone was hacked when he saw my PR manager response he immediately blocked the number and didn't even called back in last 24 hours to give explaination or send away the handwritten apology letter or message apology message from his phone ..

He is trying to play smart now and hide away his mischievous mistake using the excuse of phone getting hacked ..
such men are truly a shame to society and family members who owns him ..


I won't sit quiet till I receive handwritten apology letter from this shameless man."

After Neha Saxena's hard-hitting Facebook post, Elson Lohidakshan denied all the allegations made against him in a long Facebook post. He issued a clarification for his actions saying that his phone was hacked and he would never do such a thing to a woman. He said that he has filed a complaint to Abu Dhabi CID department to find out who was behind this mischief.

Read Elson Lohidakshan's clarification about his actions here.

"Let me clarify this matter as this is of a very serious nature and this is taking a toll on me and my families health.

First things first. I do not blame the lady in question for reacting the way she did. Anybody in her place would react the same way and there are no two ways about it.

But having said that I want to reiterate my complete innocence in this matter. I am not just stating this as in the current scenario, but you cannot just wish away 33 years of my life by a post in WhatsApp which is being attributed to me.

I am sure a lot of people (known and unknown) must have seen the post. However, I can vouch for the fact that those who have known me for the past 33 years will know the person I am, my family background and my personality. That post on WhatsApp is just NOT ME!!!

I am numb and shocked that such a thing could happen. When I am saying that my phone was hacked, and the message sent out without my knowledge, I mean every word of it.

Just imagine someone who knows the consequences that can happen with public platforms like WhatsApp would actually put a message on the same platform so openly using my own account which also has a profile picture of me. This is so ridiculous to even imagine.

I know convincing the lady in question and her fans would be no easy task, so I have done what would be most appropriate in the current unfortunate scenario I find myself in....

I have already approached the Abu Dhabi CID department and have filed a case to find out who is behind this mischief. I would not have done this even if there is an iota of guilt in me.

Please understand and believe me that it is not in my nature to do something like this and disrespect women in general.

I was asked to give a written apology for what has happened. If I am in the wrong I would have no issues to give an apology. However in this case I do not feel the need to apologize simply because I have done no wrong.

I have stated all of the above with a open heart and I hope this puts in perspective my sate of mind at the moment.

I rest my case."

But it didn't end there. People, who went through both Neha and Elson's FB post, further prodded the man to provide a screeshot of the complaint that he had filed with the Abu Dhabi police to justify his claims.

However, Elson has remained mum since then.