G Dragon
G-Dragon is famous globally for his sense of fashionInstagram/G Dragon

South Korean model Soo Joo has opened up about her photoshoot with Big Bang's G-Dragon. The two had posed for Vogue magazine's 17th-anniversary issue in 2013.

In the cover photo, G-Dragon and Soo Joo, are both topless. The 32-year-old hugs the rapper from behind, showing off their lean bodies. The two looked fabulously similar in long platinum blonde hair and matching outfits.

G-Dragon and Soo Joo
G-Dragon and Soo Joo for Vogue Korea's 17th anniversary issueInstagram/voguekorea

During an appearance in MBC's talk show Radio Star,  Soo Joo dished about the much-talked-about photoshoot. She said: "The concept of the pictorial was 'twins'. He had a similar hairstyle to me and we worked on it all day, and one required me to hug him from the back topless. I didn't know that will become a hot issue. Then we hung out well after that."

Adding on, she admitted that she was not aware of G-Dragon's popularity. She shared: "I didn't know he was that famous. I thought he was just a star who dresses well."

Apart from being known as BIGBANG's leader, G-Dragon is famous worldwide for his sense of fashion. His effortless style has been recognized and loved by people globally.

In 2017, at Paris Fashion Week, during the European launch of his collaboration fashion line PEACEMINUSONE, he revealed how he feels about his fashionista image and his personal philosophy behind his unique style sense.

During an interview with Dazed, G-Dragon had revealed that his love for fashion came from his mother. He said: "I started out as a child actor. Back then, I didn't have a manager or company and I couldn't even dream of having a stylist. My mom made and bought the clothes I would wear. I think that was probably when I first got into fashion? Interestingly, when I look at pictures of me when I was five or six years old, I think I look pretty stylish."

Adding on, he also explained the difference between the European and Korean fashion scenes saying: "European style is classic with its own colour and to me, it always feels chic. I think Korea is still a bit sensitive to trends, I'm not sure if that's necessarily good or bad but Europe, on the other hand, is consistent in keeping true to its own style."