Consumer electronics giant Sony's mobile division is reportedly planning to launch a new smartphone on coming Monday.

The company, via official Twitter account 'Sony Xperia', confirmed the announcement of a new device on 3 August. The new model is said to have a top-notch camera capable of capturing spilt-second images.

Will it be Sony Xperia C5 Ultra or Xperia Z5?

There are two theories, which are making rounds on the Internet. One claims that Sony will unveil a mid-range smartphone Xperia C5 Ultra. Another rumour suggests that the Japanese company might pull the wraps off the new flagship handset Xperia Z5.

Both have been making headlines in the media for last few weeks, but many are betting on Xperia C5 Ultra to make its debut next week, since it is rumoured to house 13mp cameras with dedicated LED flash on both front and rear-side.

Previous Xperia C (C3 & C4) series have all been camera oriented phones, so Sony is most likely to announce the Xperia C5 Ultra on the coming Monday.

Sony Teaser Hints Launch of Top-End Camera Smartphone Next Week; Will it be Xperia C5 Ultra or Xperia Z5?Sony Xperia via Twitter

Moreover, Xperia Z5's predecessor, Xperia Z3+ (aka Z4) had hit stores only few months ago and got panned for overheating glitches due to the use of faulty Snapdragon 810 series chipset. It will be unwise for the company to release a new version this early. Sony should probably wait another month, so that it can showcase it at the world-renowned consumer electronics trade show IFA 2015 and release it in late September or early October.

Xperia C5 Ultra is expected to feature a 5.5-inch full HD bezel-free display and run on the latest Android OS backed by MediaTek (MT6752) Octa-core processor and 2GB RAM.

As of now, nothing is set in stone. We just wait a few more days to really know what Sony has in store for us.