Slim PlayStation 3
The slimmer PlayStation 3 is the 25 percent smaller and 20 percent lighter than the current model.Reuters

Sony finally released a patch fix for bricking issue caused by last week's PlayStation 3 firmware update.

Sony has provided step-by-step instructions on how to install the patch on the bricked gaming console. The instruction includes how to boot up the device into the Safe Mode and install the update from a flash drive.

Users can download the update from the company's official website.

The new patch will fix the issues with the firmware 4.45 update for HDD modified PS3 console. The 4.45 update has not affected any consoles which have default HDD.

Sony said that a "small number of PS3 systems were affected earlier this week. The company appreciated users' "patience and understanding," and also apologised for the inconvenience

However, Sony removed the 4.45 firmware update from the list in its official site after reports of users experiencing issues emerged.

"When I started up the PS3 Slim today, it reported that it required [an] update to 4.45 (the version that allows you to disable trophy notification during game play)," PlayStation forum member JadeTreeInWind wrote.

"After the download and installation, the system rebooted. But after it displayed the PS3 logo, it went to the second screen (the flowing ribbon). It's supposed to display XMB next. But it never goes there. I cannot even shut down the system by pressing the power button. It bleeps, but the system didn't shut down. So I tried unplugging the power cord, and plugging in again. Still same problem," the user continued.