Sony Pulls Blatantly Sexy Playstation Ad [VIDEO]
Sony Pulls Blatantly Sexy Playstation Ad [VIDEO]Reuters

Sony quickly and very quietly pulled a PlayStation ad from its European YouTube Channel, mostly because of its use of sexual connotations to sell a piece of hardware, which offended a lot of people for its regressive creativity.

One can see a very sexy female British doctor in the innuendo-laden ad saying: "I know you've already done it today, and I bet you really enjoyed yourself. How many times did you do it yesterday? Are you afraid you're doing it too often? In your bedroom under the blankets? Or perhaps you prefer the kitchen or the toilet? Or do you like it in the garden?"

Towards the end, the brunette reveals that she was referring to the Remote Play feature, which allows the use of PlayStation 4 games on the PlayStation Vita or Xperia Z series smartphones, Slate reports. Before showing off her PS Vita, she says: "You can even join me," and winks, Time reports.

The ad, which first hit the internet on Friday, was soon set to "private". Critics have accused that ad demeans women and also encourages sleaziest urges of teenagers as it compares playing video games to masturbation.

Gone are the days when sex was the best marketing strategy for any item, be it food or technology.

A few years ago, a Subway advertisement on a billboard read "Sex!! Now that we have your attention, eat at Subway."

The Sony ad is very similar to a 2010 advertisement from Xbox 360, which also claimed: "Everyone is doing it." It also had nothing to do with sex, but with playing computer games; only that the Xbox 360 ad was done by a man, while this one is done by a woman.

Earlier also, Sony was accused of running a sexist ad. In 2012, another PS Vita ad for the print medium showed a woman with breasts in the front as well as at the back and the caption read: "Touch both sides for added enjoyment."

It is not clear as to which advertising agencies oversaw the ads in the two instances, but it cannot be denied that Sony really needs to work on its advertising strategy.

You can see the ad below: