Pachter's prediction
Pachter's prediction

If gaming forms a major part of your life, you shouldn't be alien to names such as Michael Pachter. The analyst has made quite the name for himself in the long run with some of the most accurate predictions the industry has seen. This time around, he has more to share as far as the status of the PlayStation 4 in 2015 is concerned.

However, riding on the fact that Pachter's predictions are often used to base investments and other such financial decisions upon, it may seem true when he says that Sony will score an upper hand in 2015 via the exclusives it has on offer for its massively popular PlayStation 4 console.

For 2015, Pachter predicts that Sony will continue being in the lead over all others, especially its nearest rival Xbox One, and that this lead will be based upon the kind of exclusives Sony has to offer this year. Sure, this is just the start of the year, but with names such as Deep Down, Until Dawn, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and The Order: 1886 on the cards, it's really difficult to predict anything otherwise.

"Assuming that Xbox One reverts to the $399 price point, I think that Sony first party software will make a real difference in 2015. The company has a phenomenal lineup of exclusives, and they're spread throughout the year. This should keep interest in the PS4 high, and should allow Sony to extend its lead," Pachter stated via a report.

Sorry Microsoft, but it seems like your work might be cut out with such great titles arriving thick and fast for the PlayStation. And this is set to remain the same unless Microsoft buckles up and does something about it. Oh, and bundles just won't do.

Elsewhere, there are a host of games to choose from this January for all the members of PlayStation Plus. The newly announced January titles for free include Infamous: Second Son stand-alone expansion version called Infamous: First Light, alongside the likes of The Swapper, Prototype 2 and more.