PS4 Title Driveclub Delayed til 2014 (Credit:
PS4 Title Driveclub Delayed til 2014 (Credit:

Sony PlayStation 4 game title Driveclub has reportedly been delayed till spring 2014. The reason for the delay has not been disclosed as of now, but it has been noted that the game looked a little unfinished and will be given certain tweaks and enhancements.

While neither Evolution studios, the developer of the game, nor Sony has confirmed the news, Paul Rustchynsky, the design director of Driveclub, has chosen to give an excuse instead of revealing any information. "Unfortnately guys I don't have any new information on DRIVECLUB to share. I've been out if the office for a week looking after my newborn!" one of his tweets read.

On the other hand, one of the sources of Kotaku, leading gaming news website, has confirmed the news to be true, adding that the racing game title has been lifted from Sony's showcase, which was to unveil the PlayStation 4 launch line up in San Francisco, reports The Same Coin.

Gamespot states that one of Sony representatives revealed that the game has been lifted from the line up due to some "scheduling conflict."

The game's delay is expected to hit the PS Plus subscribers as they were to get the title's free version with the PlayStation 4 launch. Some of the online retailers might also face some problems who have been taking the title's pre-order from the past few months.

Driveclub's official website still states that the game will be released on Nov. 15 2013, adding to the confusion.

In related news, Ubisoft, one of the leading game developers and publishers, will be delaying the release of its two upcoming game titles, WatchDogs and The Crew until spring 2014. While, the reasons for The Crew's delay are not clear, it is being said that WatchDogs has been delayed due to quality issues. The details can be found here.