A Proud owner flaunts his Sony PlayStation 4 with Jack Tretton (R), President and CEO of SCE America, 2013
Joey Chiu, 24, holds up his Sony Playstation 4 console, next to Jack Tretton (R), President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, at a special sale event put on by Sony at the Standard Hotel in New York November 14, 2013.Reuters

Soon after the grand launch of Sony's much-anticipated PlayStation 4, the electronics giant has found itself in the spotlight over the production and number of defects of its new gaming console .

According to a forum post, which has been deleted now, a few interns at Foxconn, the manufacturing firm that oversees PS4 production, had tampered with the consoles during the production stages. Their tampering was in retaliation to the mistreatment meted out to them at Foxconn's Yantai plant in China.

One of the interns stated that some of the console units they had sabotaged can be switched on but without pictures.

There is no information whether these consoles have already arrived in the markets or are on the way. The number of console units tampered in the production stages are also being questioned, reported Corrupted Cartridge.

It was earlier reported that more than a thousand Chinese college students were forced to manufacture PS4 as a part of their paid internship, according to Polygon. 

Meanwhile, some users have reported a number of defects in their console units.

"I also got a defective console right out of the box. I just get the blue flashing/pulsing light on the PS4 and never turns white; no display or sound. Very disappointing in this whole mess. I don't think I've ever had a piece of electronics fail right out of the box. I tried the different methods that I found online to get it to work, but they didn't do anything. I can't even get it to boot into the safe mode. Getting my refund and going to try to get one at a local store, if any are in stock," stated Julian Woodrum, one of the Amazon reviewers.

"Purchased a PS4 in July picked up today and flashing blue lights. All the customer support could do for me was offer me an extended warranty, I find this very offensive. They told me basically to take it back but they are no replacements available at best buy now. Extremely **bleep** customer," stated another user named Klueso-007 on a Sony PlayStation forum, reported Mashable.

Watch Sony's PlayStation 4 official commercial below:

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