PlayStation 3
Sony has said it has a support plan for PlayStation 3.Reuters

PlayStation 3 fans have been left wondering whether Sony would ditch the old console for its newest offering - the next-generation PlayStation 4. But the company has now reportedly promised the fans it would not ignore PS3 and even stated new content is in-bound for the console.

"The PS3 support plan is very similar to what we did with PlayStation 2, in that we think that consoles have long lives, and as long as content keeps coming to the system, then we'll continue to support it," said John Koller, vice president of product marketing, Sony, in an interview to Polygon. "It's the fuel in the engine. And there's a good bit of content that's coming to the PS3 still."

It has to be noted that even when the PlayStation 3 was released, Sony prolonged its support for PlayStation 2 console with games and price cuts.

The company claims it will continue to support PlayStation 3 with first-party titles (Gran Turismo 6), third-party titles and other indie games like Fez, Hohokum and Helldivers.

Koller did not reveal much on any first-party titles for PlayStation 3 but he admitted that though their mandate on first-party titles maintains support for all platforms, more focus was put in for PlayStation 4 now. "So they're going to continue to support PlayStation 3, but you'll see a majority of the titles launching for PlayStation 4."

He also said now that the Latin American market is "pretty developed," PlayStation 3 will have opportunities there, as well as in Asia, Europe, U.S. and Canada.

Koller added that PlayStation Plus promotions will have newer additions coming in for PlayStation 3 in the future as well.

"There's a road map that we have going forward," said Koller. "It's about the promise of what's to come when you buy that platform. We wouldn't continue selling hardware if we couldn't answer that promise that there's continued, great hardware experiences for that consumer to come after their purchase."