Sonu Nigam and Himesh Reshammiya
Sonu Nigam and Himesh ReshammiyaVarinder Chawla

Sonu Nigam and Himesh Reshammiya were reportedly in a cold war after exchanging certain not-so-pleasant remarks back in 2006. Although it has been 10 years since the incident, looks like Sonu is still miffed with Himesh, and RJ Siddharth Kannan faced Sonu's ire on Twitter.

During a press conference in 2006, Himesh had reportedly called himself a rockstar and ridiculed Sonu, besides questioning on his popularity. India Forums had quoted Himesh saying: "Who is Sonu Nigam? He is only performing at small centres. Look at me, I am a rockstar. I have created mass hysteria here. You can't compare me with Sonu. If you want to get a clear picture as to who is more popular, try attending one of my concerts."

This statement had reportedly irked Sonu, who had slammed Himesh back, saying: "Himesh has just gone mad. It (his fame) has gone to his head. There is plenty of space at the top. I don't mind sharing some space with Himesh."

RJ Siddharth Kannan recently conducted an interview with Himesh, during which the singer was asked to comment on the decade-old fight with Sonu. Siddharth started the interview saying Sonu said something about Himesh's singing and that was not right, but Himesh said Sonu was the best singer in the country. Himesh replied to the RJ: "In the conventional way, Sonu is one of the best singers." Stressing that unlike earlier, there is more competition now as there are many more singers and composers than 10 years ago, Himesh added: "If at that time, Sonu felt something, it was his point of view. I feel instead of reacting on someone's point of view, it is better to respect that point of view. [sic]"

Siddharth later shared the interview on Twitter and apparently tagged Sonu in the tweet. That did not go down well with Sonu, who replied: "Beta @sidkannan ... Ulti Ganga bahaa rahe ho? Shaabaash .. Jeete raho. [sic]." 

Sonu slammed Siddharth in another tweet, and added a link of the old interview that had Himesh's comments about him. "Before blocking u @sidkannan wanted 2 show u d Gangotri of this Ganga. Next time think before u shit orally [sic]."

However, there was another report earlier in which Himesh had denied making any such remark about Sonu. "I never said things like 'Who's Sonu?' Why should I? I have the highest regard for Sonu as a singer. Some people are constantly trying to create a problem between us. I would never speak ill of Sonu. I respect him too much to talk badly of him," Himesh had told Subhash K Jha.