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"Sons of Anarchy" has been voted as the favourite television show by its avid fans after it left the audience teary-eyed with its heart-wrenching finale.

Kurt Sutter's popular biker drama has notched the top stop in the Cartermatt's Show of the Year's poll, surpassing the likes of "Sherlock" and "Masters of Sex".

The SAMCRO gang took the cake with 32 percent votes whereas Sherlock ended with 30 percent votes. Benedict Cumberbatch fans reportedly rallied hard in last days of voting, but they couldn't beat the illustriousness of Sutter's path-breaking crime drama. The show reached its all-time high earlier last month when the finale graced the television screens.

Charlie Hunnam and Katey Sagal enticed the fans with their indomitable act as they bade their goodbyes to the series. It is being speculated that Sutter's upcoming series, "The Bastard's Executioner", will repeat the success of "SOA", according to Catermatt.

The first draft of the show has already been sent to FX. Sutter took to Twitter to announce that he is gearing up for the show and has concluded the first draft.

The upcoming series is a historical fiction drama series and will be set in the early 14th century. It will focus on the story of a knight in King Edward III's army who decides to give up weapons after witnessing the horrors of war. But later, circumstances force him to pick up the bloodiest sword of all.

Furthermore, it is also expected that a few actors from "SOA" will be cast in "The Bastard's Executioner". Sutter revealed in his popular "WTF Blog" that he may use the actors from his previous show, who are based out of Europe.

Meanwhile, for those who missed "SOA" finale, it can be seen here.