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"Sons of Anarchy" season 7 has a few more episodes to go before it bids its final goodbye. The last episode showed Jax Teller's little boy, Abel, revealing the killer of Tara's wife. In his sheer innocence the 5-year-old asks Teller why his grandmother Gemma killed his mother (Tara).

Abel locks himself in a room. When Teller tries to ask Abel who has hurt him, he blames Gemma for it. Charlie Hunnam who plays Teller, puts his son to bed and the latter asks him a series of questions, which unknowingly brings out Gemma's ugly truth.

"Daddy, is Wendy my first mommy 'cuz I came out of her tummy?" Abel questions his father.

"Yeah. That's right," Teller replies.

"So is that why Grandma killed my other mommy, so my first mommy could be here with me?" says Abel, thus leaving Teller in shock.

It still remains to be seen whether president of the SAMCRO will believe his son or not. Episode 11 titled "Suits of Woe" will show what action if any Teller will take after learning of his wife's killer. Will he avenge Tara's death?

The entire season Teller is seen going through pain and agony post the death of his wife. He has been looking for his wife's killer since the onset of season 7. His quest even led to a war with the Chinese gang, which led to the murder of girls from Diosa.

"SOA" season 7's episode 11 is inspired from Shakespeare's Hamlet, according to a report in the Christian Post. Earlier, the series makers had revealed that it is the power play which connects the series to the popular drama.

"One of the recurring themes of Shakespeare is the idea that power doesn't just corrupt, but that the corruption continuously repeats itself. So, motorcycle clubs: They began as these organizations by war vets -- pilots who were used to a very adrenaline-filled lifestyle and were dropped into this post-World War II Eisenhower, simple lifestyle," Sutter stated to Vulture.

"SOA" season 7 episode 11 airs on FX on 18 November. The episode can be seen online here.