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"Sons of Anarchy" (SOA) is riding its final ride. There are only four episodes to go, before the popular FX series says its final goodbye.

The season 7 episode 10 titled "Faith And Despondency" is all set to air on Tuesday, and it is being said that the fans would get to witness more blood shed.

Bobby was killed in the last episode, which led to the arrest of August Marks. However, it seems that the crime boss Marks is not going anywhere and Ratboy's life can be in danger in the upcoming episode.

The teaser of "SOA" season 7 episode 10 showed Marks' lieutenant Moses Cartwright asking One-Niners to turn their back on the "SAMCRO" gang. This would lead to Rat Boy and one of the Grim bastards being taken as a hostage, according to Zap2It report.

There would also be a romance blossoming between widower Jax Teller and Winsome plus the gang would be shown grieving post Bobby's death.

Moreover, with Bobby being killed and show coming to an end, the fans are reportedly going crazy. Boone Junior, who played Bobby in Kurt Sutter's biker drama confessed to Hollywood Reporter that the fans' reaction to the show is wild.

"The fans of this show are maniacs," said Junior, adding, "They are unbelievable. Every fan I run into, and there are many everywhere I go, they express tremendous sadness and disappointment that this show is not continuing."

Junior also said that he finished watching the episodes where he dies and he was "affected" by the way his death was filmed.

"Truthfully, I was very surprised by my reaction to it. It really affected me," he said. "I have been killed many times in movies, but I did not expect to feel the way I did when I watched this. I really was ripped wide open," he said.

"SOA" season 7 episode 10 would air on FX on Tuesday, 12 November on FX at 10 pm. The show can be streamed online HERE.

The finale of the series will be aired on 9 December and the cast includes Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Kim Coates, Mark Boone Junior, Theo Rossi, Ron Perlman, Tommy Flanagan and Lea Michele.