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"Sons of Anarchy" season 7 will return after the Thanksgiving break and the final two episodes of the show will air on 2 and 7 December. It is speculated when the show returns with the episode titled "Red Rose," Jax Teller will have to bear the consequences of killing the SAMCRO president Jury. Teller believed that Jury sold secrets of SAMCRO to Henry Lin.

However, it was Charles Barosky who sold out SAMCRO to Lin.

"Yeah. Let's face it, Jax killed their president. If someone came in to the club and shot Jax...imagine what the Sons of Anarchy Redwood Originals would do. The Indian Hills people are just as mad and just as out for justice. They will have their chance to do that," said Paris Barclay to Yahoo TV of the consequences, which Jax may to have face.

Teller comes to know Barosky's truth in "Suits of Woe." Juice is the one to reveal the truth about Barosky. He also confesses that he and Gemma were responsible for Tara's death. Juice now knows that his end is fast approaching.

Juice will reportedly meet a bad end. In the last episode Juice was beaten by prison guards and was sent to a sanatorium.

"It's going to get worse. Much worse. Sorry, Juice fans," further said Barclay.

Meanwhile, Gemma is still hiding from Teller. Now that Teller knows about Gemma's ugly truth, it remains to be seen what he will do. Will he kill her or will he forgive her?

Katay Sagal who plays Gemma, recently said that her character "can kill anybody." She also said that Gemma had no hatred for her grandson, who was the one to reveal the truth of Tara's death to Teller.

"How can she do anything but forgive him, really? It's out of the mouth of babes. I wonder sometimes if Gemma really thought she could get away with all of this. I don't know! I don't think she has animosity towards her grandson whatsoever. You'll have to watch to see," Sagal said to E!.