Charlie Hunnam (WikimediaCommons/GageSkidmore)
Charlie Hunnam (WikimediaCommons/GageSkidmore)WikimediaCommons/GageSkidmore

"Sons of Anarchy" is heading towards it final season, but its creator Kurt Sutter is yet to decide on how to end the series.

The show will be back on television in October, and spoilers doing the rounds indicate that the final season of "Sons of Anarchy" will be as dramatic and dark as ever. There are also rumors of a number of major characters being killed off in the upcoming season.

Though Sutter has a sense of direction on where he wants the show to go, he hasn't penned down a concrete ending for the show.

"Considering I'm a week-and-a-half behind writing episode 7, it could all change," Sutter told reporters at the Television Critics Association's press tour in Beverly Hills on Monday.

"I've always had a sense of where I wanted it to go, and I come in each season with a blueprint with the big arcs and mile markers," he said, according to Entertainment Weekly. "And I've learned over seven seasons, the looser I grip that idea, the better the seasons are."

"And this season isn't any different," he disclosed, "I came in with how I wanted the season to end … but things change. It's always been heading in the same direction, but the way I'm getting there continues to change."

Season six finale saw Jax cradling the dead body of his wife Tara, played by Maggie Siff, and when the next season airs, he will be shown as blissfully unaware that his mother was behind his wife's death.

The finale saw Gemma, played by Katey Sagal, killing Tara by stabbing her in the back of her head with a fork, and the next season will pick up about 10 days after the events of season six finale, with Jax back in jail for a parole violation.

However, Jax will not be behind bars for long, and his main priority will be avenging his wife's death.

"Jax is in a very schizophrenic state," Charlie Hunnam told reporters at the Television Critics Association event on Monday. "He's obviously very sad and vulnerable and broken with this huge amount of revenge and anger in his heart," Hunnam said, according to Seattlepi.

Talking about Jax's relationship with his mother, Hunnam said they are going to be in a better place than ever.

 "This final betrayal and tragedy in his life has completely demolished any potential of him trusting anyone outside of his immediate circle. In all of the scenes, I've been trying to instill a little bit of that sense of, 'If you're not my mom, or my children or one of the Sons of Anarchy, you better look out.'"